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Collapsible Coffee Cart and PDF Plans

Last year we built ourselves a collapsible coffee cart to use at smaller events. Eventually we no longer needed it, but we saw a huge need for them in the mobile coffee world. We started building and selling them to customers and we also created PDF plans for customers to build themselves. Over the last year we have sold quite a few carts and even more plans. Now to make it easier on the customer, you can contact us directly through this page to inquire and purchase a cart or the plans!


We have a standard cart that we build, but we can also customize it however you would like. Above you can see the original standard cart and two custom carts that we built.

The PDF plans that we put together are 14 pages long and very detailed. They go over every detail including measurements, tools, cuts, etc. If you are handy or know someone who could build it for you, this is a great option for you.

If you are interested in a cart or plans, or want to inquire about prices, please feel free to message us through the contact page!!

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